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Custom Solutions

Sunrise Staffing draws upon its experience and uses its wealth of resources to recruit, screen, test, and train employees specifically for your company. In addition, our staffing placement coordinators obtain from clients their standard productivity requirements for the employees they want. With this information, we find the most skilled and experienced applicant to fit your company’s quality standards.

Our staffing team can customize a program specifically for your company by providing several staffing solutions including:

  • Supplemental staffing;
  • Supplemental to direct;
  • Direct placement;
  • Probationary hiring;
  • Flexible staffing;
  • Single source management
  • Vendor on premise;
  • Outsourcing.

Other customized programs and products are also available to your company and are designed to offer additional quality assurance:

  • Forklift certification;
  • Basic skills test;
  • Industrial skills test;
  • Safety video;
  • On-site personel supervisor;
  • Pre-employment tours;
  • Customized client orientation guide.


Our customers see reduced personnel and administrative costs related to time, money and benefits by eliminating:

  • Hiring and termination expenses;
  • Unemployment liability;
  • Workers' compensation liability;
  • Payroll accounting hassles;
  • Salary negotiation;
  • Fringe benefits;
  • Labor related problems;
  • Recruiting expenses;
  • Payroll record keeping.
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