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Project Management  

Project Management

Clients with large-scale, flexible workforces often turn to Sunrise Staffing for its array of on-site staffing project management programs.  Sunrise Staffing manages the flexible workforce at your location; coordinating, supervising and optimizing the functions of these employees throughout your company.  Sunrise Staffing oversees the recruitment and management of all flexible, industrial employees at your site.  Sunrise Staffing leverages its sourcing expertise to provide the right talent with the right skills at the right time. Benefits of our on-site or off-site project management solution:

  • A Sunrise Staffing office at your location to recruit, manage and enhance the productivity of your workforce.
  • A trained human resources professional assumes full responsibility for recruiting and managing the entire flexible workforce.
  • Sunrise Staffing customizes screening, recruiting, training, performance metrics, order fulfillment and billing for any industry.
  • We analyze your current staffing process to develop opportunities for improvement and establish performance objectives to deliver results.
  • We provide statistical insights into the performance of your flexible workforce by providing detailed reporting, resulting in greater productivity and increased profitability.
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